It’s a Date!

7 Feb

As you know, I am on a mission to find the Top 35 Date Spots in the Washington, DC area! 

Interviewing “key individuals” such as the valet, chef, event planner, owner and bartender, I’ll be able to provide you with the scoop on where to park, which night to go, how to secure the best table in the restaurant, what to order, how to make the most of your budget, the best place to nab that coveted kiss and “insider information,” provided directly from the staff, on things that you can do to make your date unique and unforgettable!

At the end of the quest, I’ll name 35 of the locations as the “Top 35 Date Spots!”

This feature has exploded in a way that was unanticipated and we’ve been brainstorming the right format to present this information to you!  That being said, we’ve created something we think is rather amazing here at – and we’ll be presenting it to you in the next few days.

So stay tuned as, shortly, we will reveal the first spot on my quest – “Policy Restaurant” in Washington, DC!

You’ll even have a chance to win a $50 gift card for reading the blog – so check back soon!


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