Martini, Fashion and Stray Cats and Puppy Love

17 Feb

For those of you who are new to my blog, let me introduce you to one of my favorite blog days – Fusion Friday!  Fusion Friday is a “grab bag” theme day.  Sometimes, I will have guest bloggers.  Other times, I may review a product geared towards dating, social networking or being in a relationship.  I may introduce you to a new topic, a new place, a new idea.  It’s really a day where anything and everything is on the table to discuss!



I’ve gotten many e-mail inquiries regarding Stray Cats and Puppy Love so I’d like to take a moment to update you on the event, as well as my overall progress!  As many of you know, I was asked to be a fundraising model in the Fashion for Paws® (F4P) Runway Show benefiting the Washington Humane Society (WHS)I’m still confused as to why it is that someone would want to see me in a fashion show.  But, as I recently told you in my post, “I Do my Little Turn on the Catwalk,” opportunities and people cross your path for reasons that are often not readily ascertainable.  Because of my 35 Dates project, I was asked to participate in Fashion for Paws 2012!  Who knows what exciting, life changing, opportunities may result from agreeing to be a fundraising model!  So I accepted the invitation!

As a fundraising model, in order to walk the runway, I must raise $5,000 dollars.  Not one to be deterred, I brainstormed Stray Cats and Puppy Lovea hearty party for singles and couples to benefit The Washington Humane Society!  It was for singles looking for a cool place to be on Valentine’s weekend and couples wanting to be where the party’s at!  And boy – was it a party!

Over 100 people attended the event and I’m excited to say that we raised $3,000.00, which will all be donated to benefit the nearly 30,000 homeless, lost, neglected and abused animals WHS cares for each year in the Washington, DC region! 



Iris Lounge was a great event venue – providing free food for attendees, drink specials and donating both a Kindle Fire and a wine/cheese party for 10 valued at over $750 as two of our main raffle prizes (congratulations Jenn and Echo) and over $300 in gift certificates for our general raffle!  The staff was completely supportive of our mission and did all they could to make sure Stray Cats and Puppy Love was a success!  Over 30 other local businesses contributed prizes for our general raffle, and Chef Jose Andres donated an all-inclusive dinner for 2 as a grand prize raffle (congratulations Kelly).


SingleTease Conversation Starters


There was fabulous food, delicious drinks and dancing all night long!  Karen Dobson provided attendees with complimentary tarot card readings that everyone declared as “dead on!”   SingleTease donated Single Cards for everyone in attendance, and boy were they being passed around!!  The party was a success and I’m very honored that so many people came out to support me in my endeavor as a fundraising model!

But, I found out that if I reach my fundraising goal of at least $5,000, Martini can walk the runway!! 


Imagine Martini on the Runway!


So, I still have (at least) $2,000.00 more to raise – and not only because Martini is itching to strut his stuff on the runway but, because, all funds raised will go to support vital programs such as Humane Education, Human-Animal Rehabilitation, Humane Law Enforcement, low-cost spay/neuter, sheltering and adoption!

There are MANY ways that we can raise the funds!   These include:  A) Corporate Sponsorships; B) Tables at the event; C) Tickets to the event; D) Ad space in the program book and E) general donations!  And let me tell you – this event is one that you won’t want to miss!  Tickets SELL OUT, so if you’d like to secure your seat to this event supporting a fabulous cause, secure yours today!

You can find out more here:

Even if you aren’t able to personally donate, I ask that you send this on to anyone that you may know – and that they send it on to anyone they know as well.  This cause means much to me and I’d love to at least reach the minimum fundraising requirement to help WHS.

Martini and I thank you for your support!


Rita & Martini


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