Is Dating Dead?

19 Mar

Is dating dead?  Are women relaxing their standards for fear of scaring off a “potential partner?”  Has the fear of competition and the fear of being alone driven us to overlook things that are important in our search for a significant other?


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I’d love to hear your comments!!!  Especially from the men!



One Response to “Is Dating Dead?”

  1. dubisirate May 9, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    Hello! I read your question, and it really made me think. While I am a guy and might be a little bias, I hope to address your question from both sides. So here goes nothing!
    The first question is almost a yes, in my opinion. While dating sites look to help in this field, I feel that they are actually hurting the whole dating experience. I say this, because it’s not natural. While I have heard of success stories, mostly everyone fails on those things. Also, by online dating becoming such a “thing”, people seem to have closed their options from real world settings. I won’t elaborate here(on my iPhone), but hopefully you get my drift.
    Your second question is have women lowered their standards. The answer to this is a sure YES! When I was younger (I’m 30), you had to go on a few dates and meet the parents before you even thought about getting any action. Today, it seems like one dinner is enough. I have witnessed women giving in to easily to not only sex, but a relationship. My view is this, if a guy can’t wait to be intimate with you, he ain’t worth your time. Most guys don’t mind waiting, I actually prefer it.
    Another issue I see is that, women seem to literally go into a relationship blind. They don’t look for warning signs of their date. Stuff like that. Sorry I’m not too detailed.
    Now for the guys side. Men aren’t making it any easier. Our media has degraded women for some time now. It seems like its now natural to just hit it and quit it. Also guys not stepping up to parent their children is becoming a huge problem. There is an abundance of single parent moms out their, and I feel sorry for most of them. Another problem I have with our society is marriage has become a joke. Commitment has become a joke(and that goes for men and women). It’s come to a point where cheating is almost expected, divorce is easy, and sleeping around is “cool”.
    So to wrap this up real quick, dating is almost extinct. I blame men and women for that, but mostly the media and our society. Just my thoughts in a nutshell.

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