Rita’s Date Guide for Guys: Winner of $50 Gift Certificate to Stone’s Cove Kitbar Announced

27 Mar

We are hard at work finalizing the latest post for Rita’s Date Guide for Guys!  This time, we took a date field trip to Top Golf Alexandria and I can’t WAIT to go back!  Stay tuned as it will be posted next Tuesday, April 3rd and you’ll have an opportunity to win a $50 gift certificate to Top Golf!

This time, people were asked to submit their favorite “first date” idea and, while there was no clear-cut winner one thing stood out – people prefer activity based dates over dinner/drinking for a first date!  Keep that in mind guys!  Activity based dates are more fun and can also be free (especially here in DC) which is good news, as cost is definitely a factor in the world of “first dates!”   

Utilizing “Random Name Picker“, I have selected a winner of the $50 gift certificate to Stone’s Cove Kitbar.  I’m happy to announce that the winner is Frank!


Congratulations Frank!  Please contact me at Rita@SinglesintheSuburbs.com so that we can arrange getting you the gift certificate!  I hope that you’ll come back and share with us your experience at Stone’s Cove!

If you know of a great date idea or location for “Rita’s Date Guide for Guys” please let me know!  The weekly spots are filling up quickly but I’m always on the hunt for interesting and unique date options! 

Check back Tuesday, April 3rd, to learn all about Top Golf Alexandria! 

**Pursuant to “what’s right” as well as what the FTC is right *wink*, I’d like to disclose the following:  Stone’s Cove Kitbar graciously donated the date for Buck and me, as well as the $50 gift certificate that was raffled, in order for us to be able to truly bring to you the best way to navigate a date at this location!


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