Find Your Experience


The mission of Find Your Experience is to build a community, whose members are united on a quest for happiness!

Find Your Experience creates an environment that maximizes the potential for you to meet and connect with members and experts for learning, fun, support and inspiration!

Personal growth can be intimidating. It places you outside of your comfort zone and beyond what is familiar. A community, full of positive people dedicated to lifting others up, inspires personal and professional growth. When you focus on enhancing the lives of those around you, you can’t help but enrich your own life!

Find Your Experience provides educational opportunities to learn new skills while building new relationships. Hands-on classes & workshops, teleseminars, social events, discussion groups, networking events and volunteer opportunities provide you with experiences to develop your creativity, spirit and body.

Discover new interests, conquer fears, build community and start creating experiences that enrich your life!

This group is open to anyone of any age/sexual orientation/gender/location, etc. etc.! Most events happen in the Washington, DC Metro area – but others are virtual and, sometimes, we host events in distant locations! 

Are you interested in opening a chapter in YOUR area?  Drop me a line at and let me know!

What are you waiting for? Get up, Get out and Do Something!


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