Singles in the Suburbs

Meeting someone, whether it’s a significant other or simply a friend, can be hard, especially living in the suburbs!

-Maybe you’ve found that your circle of friends consists of married couples.

-Maybe you’ve moved to a new city or are newly single and realize that your network of friends, your support system, is no longer in place.

This makes it hard to meet a potential partner but, also, makes it difficult when you are simply looking to hang out with someone in the same “single boat” as you!

Singles in the Suburbs is for singles (our definition of single = not married) living in the suburbs of Washington, DC.   Events include a wide variety of activities, at all different venues, as often as possible!

Singles in the Suburbs provides opportunities for singles to meet and participate in a wide range of activities. Many friendships have formed through this group!


(Interested in operating a chapter in YOUR suburb, contact me at and let me know!)

What are you waiting for? Get Up! Get Out! Do Something!


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