Let’s Manifest Miracles!

• Feel stuck or burnt out lately?

• Looking for new direction in life?

• Want to start something new and exciting but just don’t know what it is?

• Dream of being/doing/having more in your life?

• Want to create more connected relationships with yourself and others?

• Looking for ways to feel more fulfilled, healthy and happy?

“Let’s Manifest Miracles!” is a 4.5-hour mini-workshop that will help you visualize your goal, get clear on what you want and create a concrete action plan to help you turn your dream into a reality!


It all started with the creation of Singles in the Suburbs, then my 35 Dates in 35 Days Project (www.RitaColbert.com) – which led me to start Find Your Experience, which ultimately led me down the path to combine all of my ventures and experiences and become a personal and professional achievement adviser, helping individuals in the same way that my fabulous coaches and mentors did for me (and still do)!

Included With Your Registration for the Workshop:

– Group discussion on the Law of Attraction – and why it’s simply not enough!

– Guided workshop to help you take stock of where you “really are” in key areas of your life!

– Information on visualization and manifestation and all materials to help you create your 2014 Vision Board!

– One-on-One session to create your personalized action plan!

– Snacks, beverages, fun and MUCH more!




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