Who is Rita?

Rita Colbert

Hi!  I’m Founder of Singles in the Suburbs and Find Your Experience. Seven years ago, I found myself suddenly single. Realizing that all of my friends were either married or in serious relationships, I set up a happy hour for other singles in hopes of making new friends who were in the same “non-married” boat.
Thirty people attended that first event. In just one month, the initial group of 30 grew into 100 singles attending my events and I have since founded Singles in the Suburbs, which hosts approximately 30 events a month and is now over 2,900 members strong. Members say that they love the organization because it celebrates being single!

After the end of yet another relationship, I decided to take a serious look at my approach to finding “the one.” To shake up my routine and get over my breakup, I decided to overdose on dating and went on 35 dates in 35 days. My detailed blog of the experience can be found here!

On my dating journey, I learned that I needed to stop questing for a husband and enjoy my relationships as they happened. I threw away my “perfect-mate checklist” and began to engage with the men I met. By doing so, I found greater self-awareness. By mapping out who I am and putting that into the Universe, I was able to recognize the patterns that were sabotaging my relationships and learned how to approach dating from an entirely new perspective.

Those experiences introduced me to numerous people – men, women, single, married – and a wide range of experts. I was excited by the people she was meeting and wanted to bring them all together so, in 2013, I founded Find Your Experience. The mission of Find YOUR Experience is to build a community whose members are united on a quest for happiness. Find Your Experience creates an environment for people to meet and connect with members and experts for learning, fun, support and inspiration!

My goal is to help others “Get up, Get out and Do something” so that they can be more present in their relationships, invested in themselves and, ultimately, empowered!

Feel free to drop me a line!  I’d love to chat with, and get to know, you!


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